Glitter Spinner Re-Purpose

Have you ever seen one of these at an estate sale or antique store? It’s a vintage stamp holder used for organizing rubber stamps, used in an office setting. So cool…it even spins. It has metal pull apart fingers, to grip the handle of the stamps. I can just imagine a fast pace office clerk of yesteryear having one of these on her desk as she spins it around stamping and filing paperwork….so vintage chic!

A few weeks ago, V (my big sis), my mother and myself were out and about junkin’ and antiquing when lo’ and behold I found one. I snapped it up right away, not having a clue what I was going to do with it, especially since I have no need to “stamp and file paper work!”

Then, one night as I reached into a cabinet to retrieve a tiny bottle of glitter for the hundredth time, a light bulb went off….a glitter spinner I would create.


I mean how stinkin’ easy is this….the small bottles of glitter snapped perfectly into the metal grips.


Cute, functional and stylish…I love it when I can re-purpose something from the past and make it into a functional and decorative piece.


With a quick spin, all my glitter is at my finger tips.


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